Previous experience roles and responsibilities.

We've worked with hundreds of vulnerable children.

What about me? was founded to enable adults working with vulnerable children to better understand the effects of stress, trauma and living in difficult circumstances.  We do this by educating the educators, empowering professionals and putting compassion for children first. As teachers we know what it is like to manage difficult behaviours in class and as a foster mum, Sharon knows what it is like to live with anxious children who need lots of love and support.  

We believe that emotional stability is the key to learning and well-being.  We are committed to promoting best practice in all areas and ensuring that staff who work with our most vulnerable children have the capacity to help them reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally.  


At What About Me? we know what it is like to work with vulnerable children.  We have a wealth of teaching and fostering experience.  We understand the pressures you face and are committed to making life a little bit easier for you and the children you work with.  Our courses are interactive, inspiring, practical and child centered.

We look forward to working with you.

Sharon Hughes


  • Twenty years teaching in secondary schools

  • Teacher in charge of MLD unit

  • Teacher in charge of behaviour unit within a mainstream setting

  • Transition teacher year 6 to year 7

  • Head of year responsible for pastoral support and academic progress

  • Whole school responsibility for behaviour management

  • Experience of working in a Pupil Referral Unit

  • TAC and SAP trained

  • Twelve years as a therapeutic foster carer for difficult to place children who have experienced multiple placements and/or adoption breakdown

  • Part of child protection multidisciplinary team

  • Experienced in providing 'step down' placements

  • Passionate about keeping siblings together

  • Recently completed - Caring for vulnerable children course (Strathclyde University)


Kate Tabb


Previous experience roles and responsibilities


  • Subject leader in secondary school

  • Assistant head of year with pastoral responsibility

  • Regional manager for National Teaching and Advisory Service, Primary and Secondary sectors, enabling looked after children to maintain mainstream educational placements

  • Education worker in hostel for homeless families

  • Facilitating community based activities for children and young people

  • Coordinating and presenting faith based activities

  • One to one specialist tuition

  • Forest Schools facilitator

  • Church link person - Home For Good 

  • Passionate about promoting best practice in LAC education


Vulnerable chidlren are often bombarded with people 'trying to help'.  Social workers, medical staff, school staff, therapists, specialist support services, youth workers, friends, members of the family, neighbours and others.   We understand how difficult it is for some of these children to build a relationship with you and why they are loathe to invest their trust in an adult who may abuse that trust and let them down.


Our training sessions are designed to help you see the world from their point of view and to give you strategies to overcome the barriers which prevent that young person from engaging with you.


We speak from the heart and with experience.