Primary School North Wales

Considering the deprived area in which our school is situated, this training has been excellent.  Your delivery was very informative and at times (considering the content) entertaining.  I think we falsely assumed only LAC were something to look for, however many of the issues discussed easily fit many of our pupils that perhaps we should have been putting more support/understanding in for.

Diolch yn fawr


A very interesting and useful presentation.  Gave me a broader understanding into the care system and how it can have a lifetime effect on the children.


Very good

Student Teacher

This two day course has been enlightening.  It has been delivered in a non-confrontational manner and wth encouragement to interact.

Year 1 Teacher

Training was very detailed and informative..  Fantastic use of resources which really set the scene for the importance of having a clear picture of what might be going on.  As a result of the training there are aspects of my teaching that I will change/improve.  Thank you very much.


Informative, interesting and well delivered


Fabulous sessions, good mix of delivery, well informed and delivered well.


Training was very detailed and informative, it related to the age range of the children we cater for.  Delivery was excellent.


A very lively and engaging presentation which really helps when you are presenting difficult subject matter.  Lots of practical strategies and ways to engage LAC children within the classroom environment.

Deputy Headteacher

Very Informative training, delivered with a smile.  Valuable knowledge gained about the effects a chaotic childhood can have on individuals and related behaviours.


Very interesting, I now feel more confident in my understanding of the motivations behind behaviours.  Thank you.

Student Teacher

Very informative and interesting.  Thank you.

Student Teacher

Very helpful, good discussions.


Very engaging and informative, thank you.


The part of the course I attended (Second part) was both interesting and useful.  The analogies used were good (bottle of pop).  I will be more considerate in my classroom practice with tone of voice, looks given, facial expressions.  I also liked the fact that “real life” situations were discussed.


Very useful presentation and very informative