Primary Academy Cheshire

Gaining an understanding of early childhood trauma and abuse that impacts later in life was the most useful element of the training.  It empowered staff to give understanding and clarity.



Fantastic course.  I learned a lot about this fascinating subject.  Partnership between two consultants delivered important information in a fun and interactive way.  Thank you. 



A brilliant short course helping me to understand vulnerable children better and the behaviours they display.


The training was very informative and vital to understanding attachment behaviours. 

Learning Mentor

What a great course.  Very informative and detailed.  Thank you


The knowledge and enthusiasm offered on the course shows that Sharon and Kate are passionate about what they do and know.  It helps you to figure out the whys.  Useful, practical and specific, really beneficial – thank you. 

Year 2 teacher

Really useful to think about and consider potential triggers and understand why vulnerable children might behave the way they do.

Class Teacher

Helpful to understand the context of where children with attachment problems come from and what they have been through.  Great ideas for dealing with different situations.  Thank you.

Year 2 teacher

A great duo with an insightful look into attachment.  Many skills and lessons learned.


Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I found it fascinating but also disturbing.  Will definitely put into practice what we have been taught.  Thank you.

Teaching Assistant

Thank you for a really interesting and helpful course.  I will think more carefully in future, hoping to have more of a positive impact working with all the children.


The training has helped me to understand the effects of stress and abuse during pregnancy and how it can cause developmental issues.  Lots of new techniques to be used in the classroom.

Class teacher.

A useful range of possibilities, good to know the science of the brain!

Thank you. 

A great comprehensive and realistic look into attachment and what to do to help.